Senior Optometrist, Dip Optom SA, FOA, MCOPTOM

Marvin Janet

Marvin Janet is an optometrist with extensive training and experience in paediatric and behavioural optometry, solving children’s eye problems and helping them succeed at school.

Marvin is often the go-to optometrist for teachers, doctors, school nurses and Maternal Child Health nurses.

He puts children of all ages at ease with his gentle, friendly, and caring nature. Kids are more relaxed, which means the results are more accurate to help your child.

With more than two decades of experience as an optometrist, Marvin developed his interest in children’s vision at the School of Optometry at Technikon Witwatersrand, South Africa. He continued his study of children’s vision at The University of Manchester. After migrating to Australia, Marvin furthered his proficiency at The University of New South Wales.

Marvin presents educational lectures to teachers at schools on children’s vision and holds a private practice in Melbourne, where the majority of his patients are children of all ages.

"Your child’s eyes are very sensitive — they’re still developing. We like to catch eye issues early, before they get baked in."

Marvin Janet

Senior Optometrist

Our Mission

We exist to provide children with the extra testing and treatment that young eyes need. 

Our Vision

We want every child we meet to see their world and succeed at school.

Need help with your child’s vision?

What makes Marvin different

Marvin provides your child the extra testing and treatment that young eyes need.

Because young eyes are still developing, Marvin spent years gaining training and experience in behavioural optometry, which helps him test and diagnose problems that often missed in a regular eye test, including

Marvin Janet

Senior Optometrist, Dip Optom SA, FOA, MCOPTOM