Award-winning glasses made especially for children

Our Tomato Glasses Kids Range B: 2-8 years old


Our B range is designed for children aged approximately 2 to 8 years old.

The Kids B range is a round, circular frame which comes in a variety of colours (both solid and crystal). Each frame comes with the features of all Tomato Glasses. They are lightweight, comfortable, shape-intelligent and adjustable to each child’s face. The unique, removable nose pad prevents slipping. Ear tip lengths and nose pad heights should be adjusted to fit each child.

Included with each frame is:

  • 1 x frame (attached nose pad and ear tips)
  • 2 x spare nose pads
  • 1 x spare set of ear tips
  • 1 x detachable headband
TKBC25 - Red Marbled
TKBC1 - Crystal Blue
TKBC2 - Crystal Green
TKBC3 - Crystal Beige
TKBC4 - Crystal Black
TKBC5 - Crystal & White
TKBC7 - Crystal Purple
TKBC8 - Crystal Pink
TKBC9 - Crystal Orange
TKBC11 - Blue
TKBC12 - Green
TKBC13 - Beige
TKBC14 - Black
TKBC15 - White
TKBC17 - Purple
TKBC18 - Pink
TKBC19 - Orange
TKBC21 - Crystal Navy
TKBC22 - Navy
TKBC23 - Mottled Blue
TKBC24 - Camo
TKBC26 Crystal Clear with a dash of Blue Sparkles
TKBC501 - Pink Marble