Award-winning glasses made especially for children

Why we love Tomato Glasses

At Eye Care for Kids, we have years of experience at fitting these specialised frames.

Ophthalmologists regularly refer kids to us with their glasses scripts so that we can fit them into Tomato Glasses.

Not only do we help choose the right Tomato frame design and size which perfectly fits your child, but we also design the lenses according to the script for maximum strength, safety and to look great.

Marvin Janet, our experienced children’s optometrist, says:

‘After years of working with kids glasses, we can confidently say that Tomato Glasses are the best kids’ spectacle frames when it comes to safety, durability, comfort and stability. With the appropriate choice of lens design, you are giving your child the very best there is!’

The variety of colours and designs are incredible. Kids just love them! 

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Why kids need to be fitted by a kids’ optometrist

There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when designing and fitting kids’ glasses. That’s why I feel strongly that kids should not only be examined by eyecare professionals with significant experience when it comes to kids, but also that their glasses should be fitted by people with the same care and experience.

You are welcome to contact us to further discuss your child’s eyecare needs.