Award-winning glasses made especially for children

Our Tomato Glasses Baby Range


A very flexible frame for the utmost comfort which is highly adjustable to accommodate a baby’s rapid growth.

The 35×13 frame is recommended for newborn babies up to approximately 6 months old while the 37×13 frame is for babies approximately 6 months to 1 year old and the 39×14 up to approximately 2 years old.

As a baby’s face shape will grow during their early years, the TBAC range is highly adjustable and will accommodate these changes. The TBAC frame can be used with high powered lenses from -25 diopters through to +33 diopters. The baby frames can be adjusted along the horizontal and vertical axis. With 5 positions available to attach the nose pads, the nose pad height can be adjusted to provide the correct position.

There are 3 different sized nose pads that can change the distance of the frames between the eyes and lenses. The flexible temples, comfortable ear tips and headband ensures the frame remains in place when babies are lying down or breast feeding.

TBAC1 - Blue
TBAC2 - Pink
TBAC3 - Clear