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Marvin Janet is your friendly experienced Kid's optometrist

Senior Optometrist, Dip Optom SA, FOA, MCOPTOM

Marvin Janet

Marvin Janet is an optometrist with extensive training and experience in paediatric and behavioural optometry, solving children’s eye problems, and helping them succeed at school.

Marvin is often referred to by Maternal Child Health nurses, school nurses, GPs, paediatricians, teachers and other optometrists.

He puts children of all ages at ease with his gentle, friendly and caring nature. This produces better diagnoses and outcomes for your child.

With more than two decades’ experience as an optometrist, Marvin developed his interest in childrens’ vision at the School of Optometry at the Technikon Witwatersrand, South Africa. He continued his study of children’s vision at The University of Manchester. After migrating to Australia, Marvin furthered his proficiency at The University of New South Wales.

Marvin presents educational lectures to teachers at schools on childrens’ vision, and holds private practice in Melbourne, where the majority of his patients are children of all ages.

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Tell us about your child’s eyes

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What to look for

How to spot a vision problem

The most common vision issues 

What we do

Our treatments

Once we have the results of our extensive testing, there are four types of treatment we’ve found help kids the most. 

Developmental glasses

These short-term glasses train the child’s visual system to function better and remove eye stress that causes headaches and sore eyes. They often help with reading, learning and concentration. 

Short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism

Super-tough and specially thinned lenses are available for kids, with coatings that protect against ultraviolet light and reduce eye strain from electronic devices.

Computer and electronic device use

Guidelines for parents and children to protect children’s eyes when it comes to today’s electronic devices. 

Vision therapy

Eye exercises that train the vision system to function properly and more efficiently.

Why behavioural optometry?

The Eye Care for Kids Difference

Besides checking the regular things like eye health and eyesight, we also extensively examine the visual skills that affect reading, writing, concentration and learning. These areas are often not checked in a regular eye test.

We also carry an extensive range of quality children’s glasses — from super-tough to fashion-conscious.

Our wide range of lenses are specifically geared towards kids’ needs — they’re super-tough , anti-scratch, and can even have a blue light coating for computers! We also help your child choose frames they love — and give them a customised fitting — to encourage them to wear their glasses regularly. 

Features of our extensive examination

Extensive Case History

To best understand how the child functions visually, Marvin looks at many aspects of your child's life, such as developmental issues, behaviour, health, and school performance.

Eye sight

Marvin uses eye charts with letters, numbers, symbols or pictures to cater for every age and ability.

Corrective lens needs

Marvin uses free space and non-threatening testing equipment, which relaxes your child and produces better results.

Eye health

Checking inside and outside of the eye.

Aiming,  focussing and teaming

These are often missed during a regular eye test, and commonly affect success in school (poor reading, slow reading, skipping lines, not writing on line, headaches, sore eyes, concentration and avoiding school work).

Visual perceptual testing

Once the picture from the eyes reaches their brain, your child must use visual cognitive skills to process that picture for reading, writing, thinking and learning.

We test to make sure that the child has these important skills. The cognitive tools we test for include visual memory, form perception, visual analysis, visual spatial awareness, visual discrimination, form constancy, visualisation, and figure ground.

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Our most common questions

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Can Marvin’s services benefit adults too?

Can Marvin’s services benefit adults too?

Can Marvin’s services benefit adults too? Marvin’s care can also help adults too because we evaluate the focus system quite intensely. It’s usually the focus system which takes the stress of people who do lots of intense near activities, like students, office workers and computer users. Signs of focus-related stress…

Can Marvin help my child’s reading problem?

Can Marvin help my child’s reading problem?

Can Marvin help my child’s reading problem? It’s definitely a great place to start! That’s because 80 percent of information coming to your child is through their eyes. It’s quick and easy to find if there are problems in this area. When we do find issues — and it’s common…

How is Marvin’s eye examination different from a regular eye test?

How is Marvin’s eye examination different from a regular…

How is Marvin’s eye examination different from a regular eye test? Our examination covers everything that is checked in a regular examination, plus a few extra areas. It’s these extra things that children’s optometrists check for that is so important for kids and their success in school. When children have…