Can Marvin's services benefit adults too?

Marvin’s care can also help adults too because we evaluate the focus system quite intensely. It’s usually the focus system which takes the stress of people who do lots of intense near activities, like students, office workers and computer users. Signs of focus-related stress include headaches, teary burning eyes, sore eyes, poor concentration and blurry vision.


We often manage the problems with developmental or anti-fatigue glasses with specialised coatings. We can also advise on how to modify your workstation to reduce eye strain. We may also use eye drops to improve eye lubrication or give exercises that can help prevent and relieve the problem.

What if I need to use my computer for long-hours?

Break it up. For every 20 minutes you spend on your computer – schedule a 3-5 minute break. (But don’t use that break to get onto your Smartphone, or you’re defeating the purpose!) 

Instead, spend that 3-5 minutes doing one of the following – as all of these methods will help eliminate the strain.

In fact, it would be even more beneficial to practice a simple procedure every 10 minutes of your computer or smartphone use by looking up at something that is further than 6 metres away until it’s clear – and then focus on something small. (For example, attach a small picture to the top of your computer screen and focus on it for 10 seconds – looking from far to near, then back again.)

Every 20 minutes, look as far away as possible out the window, or better yet, go outside to do it. This will give your focusing muscles a chance to relax. If you’re able to get outside on a clear day, look up at something in the distance (such as a street sign) until you see it clearly. Repeat this 5-6 times.

Give your eyes a helpful exercise: Hold a small picture at 30 cm from your face and focus on it – one eye at a time with the other closed, and then with both eyes.

Closing your eyes and then rotating your shoulders, neck, arms, wrists, and ankles is a great stress reliever that will also relax your eyes.

Try not to work with a window in front of you, as the glare from this can cause eyestrain. (Reminder: The correct height for a computer screen is so that when you look straight on eye level the top of the screen should be 10 cm lower.)

Remember to blink enough. Staring causes us to blink less, which causes dry-eye and adds to visual discomfort.

You could get an artificial tear drop from your chemist. Remember – heaters and air conditioners dry the air, which also makes your eyes dry. Using a humidifier to replace the moisture in the air can help.

Another good tip is to get a blue light filter for your screen. Blue light may cause eye-strain due to its intensity, and it’s often responsible for keeping people up into the night as it stimulates the brain. It’s also suggested to install a blue light filter app on your phone.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule regular eye tests to maintain optimum eye health. Where appropriate, your optometrist can also prescribe computer glasses to relieve eye-strain and help your focus system – as well as put a blue light anti-glare coating on your lenses.

Now – go take that 3-5 minute break and relax those eyes! 

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